Hire Alan Sharland, Conflict Management Trainer and Consultant

Alan Sharland is available for hire for any of the following and other related conflict management services:

Alan Sharland, Mediator, Conflict Coach, Director of CAOS Conflict Management
Alan Sharland, Director of CAOS Conflict Management and author of CAOTICA blog
    • Mediation Skills Training

    • Conflict Coaching Skills Training

    • Effective Communication Skills workshops

    • Mediation

    • Conflict Coaching via Skype, telephone or in person

    • Talks and workshops about creating the ‘3-Cheers for Conflict’ – Learning, Connection and Insight.

    • Webinars via Skype or other webinar support software

    • Guest Blog Posts

    • Review of Policies and Procedures relating to conflict / dispute / complaint responses within organisations

    • Conflict Management Consultancy via Skype or in person

    • Establishing mediation service provision for effective use within, or for, organisations

Contact Alan to hire him for any of the services listed above or other support with promoting mindful communication, growth through conflict.


 Some Testimonials…….

“In my opinion there are few people in this country who are as skilled both as a practitioner and leading advocate of Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution as Alan Sharland. He has an excellent reputation in the field.” – Marina Cantacuzino – Founder/Director of The Forgiveness Project


“This was a very successful workshop, feedback described the day as “fun”, “interesting” and “informative” with a “superb” trainer who had a “very thoughtful approach”. 100% of our attendees said they had enjoyed the course and they would recommend it to colleagues.”  Tania Murrell – Business Development Manager, Hillingdon Association of Voluntary Services – speaking about the workshop ‘Dealing with Difficult Behaviour’ run by Alan Sharland.


“Alan provided excellent training for mediators at Common Ground Mediation which was challenging but also thoroughly enjoyable.He led us through various interactive exercises to help us reflect on the mediator’s role and impartiality. I would highly recommend Alan as a trainer for mediators.” Morag Steven Director of Common Ground Mediation, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Here’s an interview with Alan by Dave Hilton from Conflict Engagement Specialists


“This was not an easy course; the challenges involved in working outside one’s usual mode of operation were considerable, but the upbeat attitude of the trainers and the calm and supportive atmosphere they created meant that I was free to work outside my comfort zone in developing an approach to assisting others deal with their own situations.”  Dr Mary Richards – Subject Leader for Drama – Brunel University –  speaking about a Mediation Skills training course run for Brunel University.

This is what Brian Parry, Group Strategy Director at the Government Central Office of Information, said about our February 2012 Mediation Skills Training course:

“Very challenging but also excellent opportunity to acquire new skills. The skills are useful not just as a mediator but also in other workplace situations and throughout your life. Training is well thought through/structured over 6 days so you have a chance to learn through trial and error. Really enjoyed the course and thank you to Alan and Susie for their enthusiasm and encouragement!”

“I really enjoyed the course. It met my expectations and more. I felt that the environment created by Alan and Susie was very relaxed and trusting. I always felt comfortable, and always felt I was able to ask questions no matter how small/silly they seemed. The small group also meant that i got to know people really well, and this made the role plays/activities comfortable and enjoyable. Thank you Alan and Susie!” Chantelle Bramley, who was training for her role as Mediator at The Bridge Housing Services in Charnwood, Leicestershire

Alan was recently interviewed by NNDee on “The Workplace” Resonance 104.4FM discussing:

Workplace Conflict – A Creative Opportunity for Personal and Business Benefit Part 1 (links to soundcloud).”


“I feel like this course is infiltrating into all aspects of my life right now! I’m currently really busy managing a team of students and I think I’m a better listener and a more empowering leader because of the course.”  Rebecca Howard who attended our  Mediation Skills Training Course


“This article is the BEST article on questioning I have ever read and I’d like, with your permission, to pass it along to our mediators.Your examples of both genuinely open and ‘not-so-open’ with explanations are very insightful.”   ML – Canadian Govt. Agency


Dear Mr. Sharland,

A colleague of mine pointed out your article “Questioning” on mediate.com. I work in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia in Washington, DC. Specifically, I’m writing from the Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Division where we train volunteer mediators who handle up to 6,000 cases per year. We mediate all non-civil cases in Washington DC before a trial can take place.

Now that you know a little about where I come from, I’d like to issue a request. We really enjoyed your article on open ended questions and we’d like to publish it in a newsletter that is disseminated to many of the judges in our court as well as all of our volunteer mediators. We currently have a roster of about 300 mediators at The Multi-Door Division.   Sarah Minkin  ADR Staff   Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Division  Superior Court of DC



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